Landmark Projects Australia has been operating since 2001.

Adding Value

Landmark Projects Australia provides an integrated solution by establishing a partnership with our clients. Our clients objectives are always satisfied because we provide:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Design input, review and resolution
  • Experienced and technically superior personnel
  • A focus on the delivery of the built form
  • Knowledge of markets within Sydney and New South Wales
  • Understanding builders, contractors and consultant capabilities and inherent limitations
  • Close relations with contractors, consultants and authorities

Our Approach

Landmark Projects Australia approaches each project with innovation, integrity and vigour. We provide a modern and collaborative approach to maximise performance. Our team adhere strictly to the clients established time frames and budgets. Our culture fosters ethical, responsible and accountable behaviour and actively encourages creative solutions to individual client needs.


Landmark Projects Australia has a strong culture of collaboration. We offer our clients:

  • Leadership—a synergistic relationship that we would aim to make mutually rewarding
  • The delivery team—a motivated team that has worked successfully on multiple projects
  • Delivery partners—trusted consultants, contractors and suppliers

Design input, review and resolution

Landmark Projects Australia has a team dedicated to design management. Our design team actively participates in the management of the design process by providing superior input, undertaking extensive review and suggesting appropriate resolution.

Expertise and Experience

Landmark Projects Australia brings to each project:

  • A team fully resourced to the level required for a project
  • Highly experienced personnel with a track record for successfully delivering projects
  • A strong team that respects and embraces the client and all other stakeholders

Task Appreciation

Landmark Projects Australia has a thorough appreciation of the task at hand and will ensure the success of each project through:

  • Exceptional teamwork and leadership
  • Open and clear lines of communication
  • Creating value for money
  • Taking responsibility for the achievement of milestone dates
  • Maintaining the highest level of quality in our advice and the end product