Project Management

We offer clear and attainable project objectives, strategic guidance on project governance and delivery models, build the project requirements, and manage the constraints of the project. This includes the development and implementation of comprehensive Project Management Plans, Governance Plans, Procurement Plans, Delivery programmes, Risk Identification and mitigation and key stack holder approval documentation.

As Project Managers we can:

• Attain Project Objectives;
• Engage the right Team (Quantity Surveyor, Designers, Architects, Services Consultants etc) to further develop & coordinate documentation to achieve Construction Certificate;
• Prepare documentation for Tender purposes inclusive of Specifications, Scope of Works & Drawings;
• Award Head Contract;
• Engage client side Construction Managers/Superintendent and any necessary resourcing required;
• Oversee Head Contracted Works ensuring cost, time & quality are realised;
• Hand over project to Client upon completion of Head Contract Works inclusive of all certification and As-Built Manuals;
• Liaise with Client throughout entire project to ensure their full satisfaction.

Construction Management

As Construction Managers, we will review and report on project methodology, constructibility and review of overall project risk and mitigation, to ensuring the best outcome for the project.

The development of the construction plan and programme will enhance the overall success of the project.

We will ensure that the scope developed through the design and approval stage will transfer through to the delivery plans.

Clear lines of communication with the client will always be a priority to ensure end user satisfaction. Our onsite teams will manage non conformances, defect resolution in design and product, progress claim assessments, contract administration, variation assessment and schedule reporting.

We will work closely with the clients project team, subcontractors and consultants to deliver the project.

As Construction Managers we can:

• Attain project objectives;
• Collate all approved documentation & certificates. Where necessary obtain further documentation to allow the commencement of work as required;
• Preparation of Budgets & programme;
• Implement Safety Procedures & House rules;
• Make recommendation on resources required to complete the project (ie labourers, leading hands, supervisors etc);
• Preparation of Tender documents back to back with the Head Contract;
• Award and manage all Contracted Works inclusive of progress claims, programme, quality & safety;
• Liaise with project managers, designers, consultants and authorities throughout project;
• Manage points of inspection & certification as required by authorities;
• Hand over project to client defect free with full certification & compliance;
• Liaise with Client throughout entire project to ensure their full satisfaction.

Design Development & Design Management

LPA has an appreciation, understanding and experience in the Development of projects both for our clients and us alike. For the success of any development their needs to be the right advise to achieve the ultimate reward. We will act on behalf of the client to best achieve this result.

As Design and Development Managers we will:

• Receive and document the Clients Brief and objectives;
• Where necessary assist in Site Acquisitions;
• Prepare Cost Plans & feasibility Studies;
• Prepare Project Programs;
• Engage the right team (Quantity Surveyors, Heritage & Archaeology Consultants, Architects, Designers, Structural & Civil Engineers, Geotechnical & Soil Engineers, Hydraulic Engineers, Fire Consultants etc);
• Prepare design concepts against full feasibility modelling. This will require a full understanding of market demands & DCP;
• Liaise with Authorities & Certifiers to achieve a speedy Development Approval. This may require extensive negotiations and remodelling of zones to achieve the end result;
• Handover Approved Development documentation to Client;
• Engage Project Management Team